On Mitch McConnell, Giant Metal Chickens and Difficult Conversations

Sunday was a long day. After spending the weekend working with LEAD, an church leadership and growth organization in Houston, Texas, I spent nearly 24 hours just trying to get home. I was supposed to get to Omaha at about 5 p.m. and ended up getting in at 12:30 a.m., because of storms that decided to parkContinue reading “On Mitch McConnell, Giant Metal Chickens and Difficult Conversations”

On Writing, Fear and the Stories We Hear

I’m starting to hear words in my head. It might seem a little crazy but bear with me for a second. When I started my journalistic career, I saw everything and everyone as a story that needed to be told. After a year of hard experiences in small town journalism, I never wanted to writeContinue reading “On Writing, Fear and the Stories We Hear”

Sharing Your Faith story

This week I had the opportunity to share my faith story during a lenten worship service at Christ the King Lutheran Church, where I work. I’m sharing it with you today. As many people will tell you, I have a somewhat annoying habit of asking way too many questions. Pastor Hannah often enters into myContinue reading “Sharing Your Faith story”

On questions, Krista Tippett and Luther Seminary

Last night a coworker and I had the privilege of hearing journalist and author Krista Tippett speak at Luther Seminary, put on by the friends of Luther Seminary, who support student scholarships. As the wife of a Luther Seminary student and a hibernating journalist, the evening had special meaning for me.