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San Jacinto College

My Work at San Jac expanded my design work and my ability to work on complex communications plans to help customers (students) succeed.

Freelance Work


While at Mosaic I had the opportunity to lead three successful campaigns that netted more than $100,000 with the support of lead gifts, strong messaging, and great design. I was not the designer on these projects but did the strategic planning and execution, as well as most of the copywriting and content development, including the copy written above.

While at Mosaic I had the opportunity to work as the lead strategist and copywriter for several advocacy campaigns. I’ve included samples from two of my favorites: a 2019 Developmental Disabilities Awareness campaign highlighting how the social determinants of health affect a person’s healthcare outcomes and a 2017 advocacy campaign that became Mosaic’s most successful advocacy campaign.

Today, more than 20 percent of Americans live with some form of disability. Additionally, nearly every American will experience disability at some point in their life, either through aging, accident or illness. However, the accomplishments and struggles of people with disabilities throughout our nation’s history have largely gone untold. I was proud to work on this presentation to provide an introduction to disability history for community members and others.

Below are links to a few sample blog posts that show some different writing styles.

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